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*Formally Age-Friendly Network Nevada*

Age On - Mission

End Ageism, Disrupt the Norm, Unify, Think Local

This is accomplished through:

End Ageism - by changing the way we talk about aging. We collect positive stories on aging to challenge outdated stereotypes

Disrupt the Norm – When we change the way we talk about aging, we start to disrupt the status que as well as system stabilizers which enables ageism

Unify- Bringing connection to adults in the third and fourth age through reading and music learning

Think Locally- collaborating with local actors and their roles in knowledge formation, decision-making, advocacy, execution and examination to elicit support for adequate opportunities for older adults


Age On –

Expresses a general enthusiasm about aging, derived from phrases like “game-on” “bring it on” and “right on”. The term cast’s aging as a dynamic and forward moving process through the buildup of experiences and insights. It denotes a readiness and eagerness to face the challenges of aging stereotypes


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