Unite, Read & Relate Volunteer Description

Time Commitment:

Flexible- 1 hour sessions. Once a month to twice weekly. We work with you schedule.



Read aloud to an assigned older adults or multiple adults


Read the story several times beforehand, become familiar with it. Practice the rhythm you intend to use; pauses and tone.

Practice Mindfulness

Being present while reading is very important. Clients will lose interest if they perceive you are indifferent to the story or running on autopilot.


Intonation is key to reading aloud. Read with your voice as well as your eyes - express emotion. Make the most of sentence structures, commas and interrogation marks.


Pitch is important especially when reading to clients that may have hearing deficits. Make sure you read loudly and clearly.


Adding pauses for emphasis is important to transport clients, momentarily, to the author’s world portrayed in the book.


Keep note of the stories that attracted the most interest

Show Interest

Show interest may mean a smile, a gesture, or a calm state of being during the session.